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Hair Transplant­ation Cost

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Hair Restoration Package

  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2 Nights 4-Star Hotel
  • Breakfasts
  • Post-Op Products
  • Accredited Hospital
  • VIP Airport Transfer
  • Aftercare Mobile App

All-Inclusive Turkey Hair Transplant Package for €2400

We’re Your fully accredited hair transplantation destination in Istanbul, Turkey. All our hair restoration methods are state of the art. We use ICE machines to increase the survival rate of the hair grafts to 98.80%.

Hotel 2 Nights 2 Nights 2 Nights 2 Nights
4 star hotel with breakfast single room single room single room single room
Post Op Medication yes yes yes yes
Great Hair restoration for men yes yes yes yes
Great Hair restoration for women yes yes - yes
3-4 people surgical team yes yes yes yes
Light meal during surgery yes yes yes yes
Surgery at an accredited hospital yes yes yes yes
Transplant area healing duration 5-6 days 5-6 days 5-6 days 5-6 days
Trauma and Scalpe Tissue Damage no no no no
VIP transfer from airport yes yes yes yes
VIP transfer ops day yes yes yes yes
Graft Survival Rate (ICE method) 98.80% 98.80% 98.80% 98.80%
Washing Hair 1 Wash 1 Wash 1 Wash 1 Wash
Access to Mobile AfterCare App 12 months 12 months 12 months 12 months

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Team Hairtransplantation

Sadly, price is not an indication of quality. If you’ve been researching getting a hair transplant – or even a hair transplant in Turkey – you know that prices vary a lot. More often than not, you (can) pay a lot extra for amenities and services.

We know. Besides we also run IdealofMeD, our premium hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. While you pay at least €1000 more there, you also get a lot more in return.

What doesn’t change?  Our commitment to delivering the best hair restoration possible.

If you want a 5-star hair restoration, and you’re okay to not stay in a 5-star hotel then is the clinic for you. 

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Understanding Hair Transplantation Cost

Hundreds of thousands of people go for a hair transplant each and every year, but a big factor to take into consideration before jumping in is knowing what the hair transplantation cost involved is. On this page, you’ll read about the different hair transplant costs in different countries, the comparison of the different hair transplant methods that are available and their cost, how to get more bang for your buck and more.

You Can Get a Hair Transplant From €1,500 (But Should You?)

The saying “if it looks too good to be true” really does apply here. But that said, €1,500 in Istanbul does not really have the same spending power as €1,500 in New York.

Hair transplantation costs will differ depending on a variety of factors, but one of the biggest is the country you choose to get the hair transplant in.

Without a doubt, if you’re looking to save money on hair transplantation costs your best option would most likely be to travel. There are some countries that will offer you a hair transplant for the low cost of €1,500 whereas other countries can charge up to €30,000 or more.

If you would take 1 lesson from this page and nothing else, please let it be this: Apples should be compared to apples (and oranges to oranges).

No idea what I mean? Keep on reading!

What are the causes of hair loss

Save Money on Hair Transplantation Costs

We all lose our hair at some point during our lives, and it affects us all differently. Some of us experience baldness much earlier than we would prefer, sometimes as young as in our 20s. With the advent of hair transplants, one no longer has to live with hair loss and accept it for what it is.

However, there are a lot of things to consider and factor in when it comes to hair transplantation costs. You will easily be able to save on your hair transplantation costs if you know exactly what you need to look for in terms of what affects hair transplantation costs. 

Before visiting a clinic, ensure you have the proper diagnosis. If you do not actually suffer from male or female pattern baldness, you may not be considered suitable for a hair transplant treatment. You can go see a dermatologist or even a hair loss specialist. Apart from treating both male and female pattern baldness, hair transplants can treat many other types of hair loss as well. 

What Affects Hair Transplantation Costs?

One of the most important things to research before going for a procedure would be what a hair transplantation costs. As we all might know, cosmetic surgery isn’t the cheapest, and there are no exceptions when it comes to hair transplantation costs. 

Despite hair transplantation costs being high, there are many affordable options out there you just need to know where to look. When it comes to getting a hair transplant, there are a few things that will affect the cost of it. If you smartly assess all of the following, you will quickly and easily be able to save on your hair transplantation cost. Some of the aspects that affect hair transplantation cost include:

  • Type of hair transplant method: There are different types of hair transplant methods, and depending on which one you need to get, it’ll affect the overall hair transplantation cost
  • Country: The country you choose to get the procedure in plays a large part in the cost of your hair transplant. The UK and US are known to be much more expensive than if you were to do it in India or Turkey.
  • Traveling costs: If you plan on traveling to a different country for your transplant, you will need to include travel costs such as the plane ticket and transportation once you get to the destination.
  • The number of grafts you’re getting: The size of the area that needs to be worked on will depend on how many grafts you will need.
  • The surgical team: The hair transplantation cost will vary depending on how many members are in the surgical team working on you. The cost will also vary depending on how experienced the surgical team is.
  • Time of year: While the actual time of year won’t impact the actual hair transplantation cost, it can affect the traveling costs. Flight tickets have prices that are always fluctuating. Try shopping around for budget tickets and don’t go during seasonal holidays as there are when tickets are most expensive.
  • Accommodation type: Where you’ll be planning on staying will have an effect on the cost. A 5-star hotel will make your hair transplantation cost much higher than if you stay at cosy 4-star boutique hotel for example.
  • Choice of clinic: This is where your research will come in handy
  • All-inclusive packages: Booking a hair transplant all-inclusive package is one of the easiest ways to save on your hair transplantation cost.

In hair transplantation, either small punch grafts are harvested from the hair-bearing scalp or a large piece of the scalp is taken from the donor side and cut into smaller pieces. These grafts are then taken and implanted into the scalp where balding or hair thinning occurs.

During your consultation, a medical professional will examine your head and advise you on which hair transplantation would be the best option for you. During this time, you’ll also be able to get a more accurate quote on what your hair transplantation costs will be as they will be able to see how many grafts you will need.

A graft comes in different shapes and sizes, depending on what needs to be done. These will also have an influence on what your hair transplant cost will be. Single grafts usually only carry 1-4 hairs, so the larger your recipient area the more grafts will be needed.

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Comparing Hair Trans­plantation Costs in Different Countries

Comparing the various hair transplantation costs around the world is essential. This gives you the chance to ensure you’re getting the best quality for the best price. You might find that travelling to a different country for your hair transplant will work out cheaper than if you did it locally. Let’s take a look at the average cost of hair transplantation in a few different countries.

CountriesAverage Cost
The US€12,000
The UK€8,500

It is also important to note that it is difficult to say exactly how much a hair transplantation will cost for you in each of these countries as it will depend on a number of factors and these are just averages.

As seen above, two of the most expensive hair transplantation costs are in the US and the UK. The reason for this is because both these countries have high labour costs which in itself makes hair transplantation costs that much higher.

The UK holds itself to extremely high standards, especially when it comes to their experienced surgeons. This means that you can put all your faith and trust in the hair transplant clinics, but it does come at a high price. If you choose to get a hair transplant in the UK, the most common places to do so are in London and Manchester.

When it comes to the US, they are very comparable to the UK in terms of their high standards. However, labour costs in the US are much higher than those in the UK which means hair transplantation costs are just as high.

One of the most affordable and common places to get a hair transplant is in Turkey. One of the many reasons people choose to get their hair transplant in Turkey is because many clinics offer all-inclusive packages. These packages can include your flight, transportation to and from the hair transplant clinic and even luxury accommodation. Studies have shown that you can save up to 70% when getting your hair transplant in Turkey compared to doing it locally.

Despite the low hair transplantation costs, you can still expect to receive quality care and get the procedure done by highly qualified surgeons. You just need to make sure that you do your research beforehand and make sure you are using a reputable company.

Looking at these hair transplantation costs, you can see just how much more affordable it is when choosing to do the procedure in Turkey. It’s just important to note that these are just averages and that prices can be lower and significantly higher with some clinics even quoting up to €30,000 for a procedure.

Choosing the Best Country for You

Any country can offer hair transplantation, but how do you know which one would be the best for you? This will ultimately be up to you, if you’re not willing to travel, then you will need to research local clinics that can help you.

If you are willing to travel, keep in mind that this will add to your final hair transplantation cost. The best thing to do in this case is to go to a country that has clinics that offer all-inclusive packages. It is rare finding a clinic that adds flights in their all-inclusive package, so always add this to your hair transplantation cost.

Other things to look at when choosing your preferred country, besides the hair transplantation cost, are the clinics available in the country. Read up on different clinics and companies and see how experienced their surgeons are and how long they’ve been in the business for – your best bet is to get a hair transplant from a clinic that has had many years of experience and is highly rated in the area. While on the topic of experienced surgeons, make sure they’re qualified too!

What to Look for To Get The Most Out of Your Money

While some countries offer affordable hair transplantations, everything does add up. So, there are a few things you can do and look out for to ensure you get the most value for your money. Search for reputable clinics that offer all-inclusive packages. At first glance, these may seem a bit pricey, but once you see what is all included, you’ll start to realise how much you’ll actually save when it comes to the hair transplantation costs.

When doing your research on various package deals, you will notice that going to Turkey is your best option if you’re looking to save money. You can get an all-inclusive package at a very low cost that could potentially include things such as:

  • Luxury accommodation
  • Food
  • FUE/DHI restoration – or maybe even a combo deal
  • Larger surgical team – sometimes up to 8 surgeons
  • Post-op hair rejuvenating products for a few months
  • Transportation

If you consider all of the above, then you quickly notice that the hair transplantation costs can quickly add up, meaning getting an all-inclusive package would be the best way to go and will save you some money!

Hair loss with FUE hair transplant solution

Does Low Cost Mean Low Quality?

While many believe that everything that is lower in cost is of low quality, that isn’t always the case. Now, we’re not saying all low-costing hair transplant clinics will give you high-quality hair transplantation results because you will find some poor clinics out there.

You will need to do your research and check reviews of the low-cost hair transplant clinics and see what previous clients have to say. As it stands, Turkey provides some of the lowest hair transplantation costs, but this shouldn’t worry you in the slightest.

Turkey is known for both its affordability and high quality when it comes to cosmetic surgical procedures. Because of the disbalance between currencies, hair transplants in Turkey are considerably cheaper than in the US or UK. You get more for your money when you exchange it for the Turkish Lira since the Euro, Pound and Dollar are more valuable than ever before.

Moreso, a number of Turkish surgeons specialise in hair transplant surgery, a rarity in other countries. Turkey has been hailed as the mecca for hair transplantation, and certain Turkish surgeons have dedicated themselves to becoming the best in the field. Furthermore, Turkey’s Health Ministry requires every clinic to be accredited, which is a challenging task because accredited clinics must satisfy extremely strict standards.

So, as you’ve seen, not all low-cost clinics mean low-quality. You really can get that full head of hair, at the lowest possible hair transplantation cost with the reassurance of knowing you’re in good hands!

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a minimally invasive procedure where hair is taken from one part of the body and transplanted to another where balding or thinning might occur. Hair loss appears in both men and women of all ages, and despite the hair transplantation cost, a hair transplant is a procedure that many decide upon to get their confidence back.

Ways to Diagnose Hair Loss

In order to diagnose a hair loss condition, you will need to see your doctor who will ask about your diet, hair care routine, and medical history. You might also be asked if hair loss is a condition that runs in your family. There are also a few tests that can be performed to help get a diagnosis before looking through what hair transplantation costs in various countries.

  • Blood Tests: A doctor can order a few blood tests for you which help determine any underlying medical conditions that are causing hair loss.
  • Pull Test: Doctors gently tug at several dozen hairs in order to see how many hairs will fall out. The amount of hair that will fall out determines at what stage of the shedding process you are.
  • Scalp Biopsy: In order to determine whether or not an infection is the cause of your hair loss, your doctor will use a microscope to examine the roots of a few hairs that are sampled from the skin or plucked from the scalp.
  • Light microscopy: Hairs trimmed at the base are examined by your doctor using a special instrument. Microscopy examination of the hair shaft reveals any possible disorders that could potentially cause hair loss.

After being examined by your doctor, they will be able to tell you exactly what the cause of your hair loss is and whether or not it’s treatable. Your doctor will give you a few options of what you could potentially do in terms of treatment. This would also be a good time to ask your doctor if you are an ideal candidate for a transplant and what hair transplantation costs on average.

Different Hair Transplantation Methods & Their Cost

One of the first things that affect hair transplantation cost is the type of hair transplant treatment you get. There are different methods you can opt for when it comes to getting a hair transplant, such as:

You’ll be able to make a better decision on which procedure is suitable for you once you understand how each of these methods differ from each other. If after reading about all the different types of methods you’re still unsure of which one would be the best option for you, then you should talk to your doctor for some advice on what they would recommend and why.

FUE | Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a hair transplantation procedure where hair follicles are removed from the skin, or donor area, which are then implanted elsewhere on the body. With the FUE method, microscopic circular incisions are used to harvest hair follicles on the scalp.

If you choose to go for the FUE method, the hair transplantation cost can differ depending on whether you get the Manual FUE or Robotic FUE. By using a handheld device, a physician will extract each individual hair follicle during a Manual FUE hair transplant. Whereas for the Robotic FUE, a physician guides a robotic hair transplant device for the procedure.

FUT | Follicular Unit Transplant

When you undergo FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) also sometimes called “Strip Transplant”, a very long, thin piece of skin is removed from the back of the head. Dissection using stereomicroscopy is then used to remove the follicular units from the strip.

The size of the strip of skin that is removed will depend on how many follicles are needed to cover the balding area. This hair transplantation method does tend to go quicker and tends to be a cheaper option when compared to the FUE method.

One of the disadvantages to getting the FUT method is that you will be left with a lifelong scar due to the stitching. Thankfully, you will be able to cover this up when your hair grows out!

DHI | Direct Hair Implantation

You may be able to benefit from a DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) hair transplant if you are experiencing hair thinning. When it comes to the extraction of the follicular units from the donor area, the FUE method and the DHI method are the same with just one minor difference between them. The difference lies with how the follicular units are inserted.

A Choi Implanter is used to insert the follicle units in the DHI method. The follicle units are then inserted between existing hair units without harming the surrounding skin tissue. When comparing the DHI, FUE and FUT hair transplantation costs, the DHI does tend to be the most expensive method.

Combination Method

If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, then the FUE x DHI combination hair transplant method offered by IdealofMeD may be just what you need. If you find yourself needing to get both an FUE and a DHI hair transplant, then you’ll know that you’ll have to go for two separate procedures, which significantly increases your hair transplantation costs.

However, there is a way around this and that is if you get the combination method which combines the FUE and DHI methods in one single procedure. This works great if you find yourself balding on your crown and thinning around your hairline. Naturally, with this making use of two different methods, it is ultimately the most costly method. However, it does work out cheaper than getting the two methods in separate procedures.

Hair Transplant Candidates

After going over what some of the hair transplantation costs could potentially be, how would you know if you’re an ideal candidate or not? There are a few factors and characteristics that determine the ideal candidate for a hair transplant and they are:

  • 25+ Years inAge: Later on in life, once you have lost most of your hair or even all of it, hair transplants are most effective. For this, it is better to get a hair transplant when you’re a bit older. But the ideal candidates are around 25 years and older.
  • Male/Female pattern baldness: Having this hereditary condition makes you a good candidate as some areas of the scalp are left unaffected meaning there is a place to harvest healthy hair follicles.
  • Hair loss due to trauma: Depending on the location and size of the trauma area, you could be a potential hair transplant candidate.

Despite being able to give you a few small factors of what an ideal hair transplant candidate is, the best option is to speak to your doctor for a professional opinion.

Pros & Cons to Consider Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Before diving in headfirst, it’s always good to gather as much information as possible and make sure you understand exactly what you’re getting and that the hair transplantation costs are worth it. To assist with this, below are some pros and cons of getting a hair transplant.

If you go for a hair transplant, your hair growth will be natural. No one will ever think that you’ve had a hair transplant. Another great aspect is that you will be up and about in no time. With at least one day of bed rest, you then be good to go. While scarring is possible, it is often not visible, and your hair will eventually cover it. If the transplant is successful, it can last a lifetime and boost your self-esteem and confidence more than you can imagine.

As with any medical procedure, regardless of whether it’s cosmetic or not, there will always be risks involved. Before your procedure, your doctor or surgeon will discuss all possible risks with you. The risks are extremely low, and you can prevent some possible risks.

Any type of procedure runs the risk of getting infected. You can easily avoid this by ensuring you practice proper hygiene and clean the transplant area regularly while it’s healing. Depending on the size of your balding area, many grafts will be needed that can increase the hair transplantation costs.

If you go to a surgeon that isn’t as experienced as they should be, you run the risk of overharvesting. This is what happens when too many follicles are removed from your donor site by your surgeon.

Breakdown of the Pros & Cons

Hair growth is naturalCan get costly
Downtime is minimalRisk of infection
No visible scarringOverharvesting
Improved self-confidence 
Lasts a lifetime 

There are so many advantages to getting a hair transplant, and when compared to the few cons then you can see that they outweigh them by far.

A Better Understanding of What Hair Loss is

Hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a condition that affects more than 50% of people each year. Now, many may think that only men suffer from hair loss but that isn’t the case. Women have to deal with hair loss just as much as men do.

Although age is a factor in hair loss, there are many other factors involved which is why many young people, even from the young age of 20, also suffer from hair loss. The following are possible reasons as to why you could be suffering from hair loss:

  • Medications: This is more for the cancer patients who are receiving chemotherapy. Chemo will cause you to lose your hair.
  • Hereditary: This is the most common reason for hair loss and it is known as either male pattern hair loss or female pattern hair loss. There is no way to prevent this as it’s genetic.
  • Childbirth: You will notice that after giving childbirth, sometimes even months after, you will experience hair loss.
  • Stress: If you’re going through a stressful time in your life, whatever the reason may be, your body could react by shedding hair.

Apart from these above reasons, there are multiple other reasons that could be affecting your hair, and the best way to see what they are is for you to consult with your doctor. Once you know exactly what is causing your hair loss, you can then consult with various clinics to get a quote on hair transplantation costs.

Types of Hair Loss

There are many forms of hair loss, and they not only affect your scalp but other parts of your body too. Although many women experience hair loss, it is more prevalent in men. There are a few different types of hair loss, namely:


Hair Loss in Women, causes and solutions

Our Thoughts on Hair Transplantation Cost

Hair transplantation costs may initially seem expensive, but considering that they are a long-term hair loss solution, it is an investment worth making! It is for this reason that hair transplants are considered more cost-effective when compared to hair treatments and supplements.

Your overall hair transplant cost is ultimately up to you and where you decide to get it done. When choosing to do it abroad in a country where it is a lot cheaper, such as Turkey, you can even choose to have a small holiday and enjoy your whole time there.

An increasing number of people are undergoing hair transplant surgery, and although many may think it’s a big step and decision to make, a hair transplant procedure is extremely low-risk and is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure.

Make sure you listen to what your doctor says and follow all the necessary instructions. This will ensure that the hair transplant cost hasn’t gone to waste and you will be left with natural-looking hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few factors that determine hair transplantation costs such as which country you’re looking at getting it in, or how many grafts are needed. A hair transplant can ultimately cost anywhere from €2,000 to €15,000 on average.
The DHI and FUE hair transplant method is considered more expensive than the FUT method.
As there are different types of hair loss, it’s hard to say which method would be the universal best. At the end of the day, the right hair restoration method is the one that fits your needs the best. When consulting with your doctor, they will be able to advise you on which would be the best option for your condition.
There are a few countries that offer affordable hair transplantation costs such as Hungary, India and Poland. However, one of the most affordable countries to consider getting your hair transplant in is Turkey.
A hair transplant is considered to be a permanent solution and will last for many years to come.

Last updated by Jorn on May 30, 2024. Content medically reviewed by D. Demirel, MD.

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