Hair Transplant for Men

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There are many men all over the world that suffer from hair loss or a receding hairline. This can be due to so many reasons from your genetics to your diet and stress levels. It does not make you anything less than you are but luckily, there are options available to you should you want to change your current hair situation and take back your youthful locks.

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What Is A Hair Transplant For Men

A hair transplant for men is a procedure that you can undergo to restore your hairline and to increase your hair density and hair health. Additionally, men can also undergo beard transplants. Hair is taken from an area of the body that is unaffected from the hair loss, usually called the donor area and then it is transferred to the desired location where the hair is needed or wanted. There are three different types of procedures that you can opt for when considering hair transplant for men, each unique in its method and unique in what issue it targets. They are:

  • FUE | Follicular Unit Extraction
  • DHI | Direct Hair Implantation
  • DHI & FUE Combination Method

FUE | Follicular Unit Extraction

This FUE method is usually chosen by those who suffer from balding occurring on their crown as well as front-scalp. During this method of hair transplantation, each graft is removed individually from the donor area and transplanted into the area where the hair is required. There are two different methods of conducting this hair transplant for men. 

There is the standard method, which uses a standard steel scalpel; and then there is the newer, more modern method called the sapphire blade method. The sapphire blade method is less invasive and has a higher success rate due to the blade being of better quality. More and more men are choosing the sapphire blade method due to its fantastic results and along with the less invasive procedure, there is a faster recovery rate. 

DHI | Direct Hair Implantation

The DHI hair transplant is a method of transplantation that is usually opted for by patients that suffer from hair thinning out. Thankfully, there is a hair transplant method that can help. During this method, grafts are also removed from the donor area and then moved to the area where the hair is thinning. The difference is that a Choi Implanter pen is used when the graft is implanted in the skin. This ensures that the hair follicles surrounded by the new hair follicle do not get damaged and nor does the skin tissue get damaged in the surrounding areas. 

FUE & DHI Combination Method

This FUE & DHI combination method is a very unique procedure as there are not many clinics that offer this procedure in one sitting except for IdealofMeD

During this hair transplant for men procedure, both the previously mentioned procedures are performed at the same time for those individuals that suffer from a receding hairline along with their hair thinning out. Most clinics will do this for you on separate occasions costing you more money, more time and more recovery time and a longer overall wait till you have your desired head full and dense with hair.

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What Causes Hair Loss In Men

There are a majority of reasons that can cause hair loss in men. In our modern day it has become quite a common occurrence for men to suffer from hair loss, it can be due to:

  • Your Unique Genetics
  • Stress Levels
  • Diet
  • Illness
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Medications

Most of these things can’t be helped and are not your fault, but with modern technology it is possible to do something about it and to ensure that male pattern baldness does not affect you because you opted for hair transplant for men. It is an ever growing field with more and more options available to you to ensure that you can maintain your youthful, full, thick locks of hair. 

Hair Transplant for Men

Side Effects From A Hair Transplant For Men 

With a proper, well trained and qualified doctor it is possible for you to have minimal side effects from going for the procedure. Hair transplant for men has become more and more common as many are realising that there are alternatives and that they can indeed restore their hairline and have their youthful, healthy locks of hair back. The side effects that you may face:

  • Sensitive scalp
  • Some swelling
  • Numbness to the area that was treated
  • Some itching 
  • Crusts forming where the hair was removed or implanted
  • Some inflammation
  • Temporary hair loss known as shedding

All of these side effects will subside in a few weeks as the body returns to its natural hair cycle and the healing after the procedure has taken place. Luckily, despite this, you can return to your normal routine a few days after the surgery has taken place while, obviously keeping within your doctor’s recommendations. 

Factors That Influence The Hair Transplant For Men Success Rate

There are multiple factors that can influence the success of your hair transplant. Fortunately, most of these factors are in your control and will help ensure that your hair transplant surgery is a huge success and that you achieve your desired results. The factors that can influence the success of your hair transplant is:

  • The Hair Transplantation method you chose: Each hair transplant method has their own success rates but with modern technology becoming more advanced and an experienced doctor, this factor is minor although possible.
  • Your Hair Type: Everyone has unique hair as everyone is unique. The hair you have, the amount of it you have and its characteristics all influence the success rate of your surgery. Your doctor will be able to advise you on what is best and the right course of action for you and your hair. 
  • The Medical Team: Having a medical team that is experienced and qualified is very important to ensure you achieve your ultimate goal and have a successful hair transplant for men. 
  • Aftercare: This is one of those factors that you have complete control over. Taking the advice and instruction from the doctor seriously and taking care of your hair in the recommended manner after surgery will greatly influence how successful your surgery was and how fantastic you look at the end of it. 

Long Term: Is It Worth It? 

With the high success rate of the hair transplant surgeries for men, and with the proper aftercare to ensure the best possible result it is definitely worth it. You will have:

  • A fuller, denser head of hair
  • Healthier hair follicles
  • Healthier hair
  • A Boosted self-esteem
  • More Confidence 

Final Thoughts on Hair Transplant For Men

Hair transplantation has become a very common practice throughout the world, because whether you are a male or a female, having gorgeous, healthy hair is something most of us desire and it is finally a reality for most of us as well. 

Doing something that makes you feel good and boosts your self confidence is something you deserve and with the modern technology and techniques available today, you can have it done and be back to normal within a few weeks and have life-long results!

Make sure you prepare well, hair transplantation costs for example differ greatly from clinic-to-clinic and country-to-country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! A hair transplant is permanent (the results are as well, since the hair from the donor area is not affected by DHT).
There has to be enough hair in the donor area to perform the transplant. Even bald men can benefit though, as even shaven hair protects from the sun and skin cancer.

Designing a new hairline is an art; this is why you should spend time looking for a good clinic. Make sure you check their before and after pictures!

It has a much higher success rate to restoring one’s hair compared to some of the over the counter medications available. It also offers more immediate results and for a much longer period of time.