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Here at, we want to give you accurate, trustworthy, and unbiased information about hair transplantation and hair loss. All our articles are reviewed medically, to ensure we provide you with information you can trust.

All procedures under our oversight are exclusively conducted at facilities holding international health tourism authorization licenses. is dedicated to making health and wellness information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that readers can make the best possible decisions about their health. Our content is created, fact-checked, and reviewed by qualified writers, editors, clinicians, and other contributors.

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Meet our medical review team.

Each piece of clinical content undergoes a robust review process from medical professionals to ensure accuracy. We have strict sourcing guidelines and cite or link to primary sources in each article. Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available.

Content Team
Macaela, author at

Leave it to Macaela to write it up. All the way from beautiful South Africa, she hates the cold, but loves writing!

Content Team


Jo, author at

Did anyone say punctuation? Not to worry, Jo is our resident editorial lead – nobody publishes without her say-so.

Content Team
Mercia-Mari, author at
As Genetics and Microbiology Scholar, improving the health and wellbeing of all is a passion I greatly pursue!
Content Team
Wendy, author at

When something new comes along, Wendy jumps on it to figure out how what and why. Nobody does research better.

Marketing Team
Jorn Elferink

With over 15 years of experience building and maintaining websites, there is not much you can teach Jorn about digital marketing.

Marketing Team


Cem, author at

Cem doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Building traffic, as well as living a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Medical Reviewer
Dr. D. Demirel, MD

In his nearly 40-year career as a surgeon and medical director in Sweden and Turkey, he has seen, read and experienced more than most.