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Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month

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After any procedure, there is a period of recovery and adjustment. This is true for hair transplant results after 1 month as well. Knowing what to expect and how to ensure your transplant is successful is explained here for you to help you get the best results possible.

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What To Expect With Your Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month

The first few weeks after any procedure are always important to ensure the procedure was a success but this is especially true when it comes to your hair transplant results after 1 month. The first month after the hair transplant can be quite frustrating as it can feel like nothing is happening and on top of that, you are experiencing hair loss. This is completely normal and part of your recovery process.

Your first three months after the hair transplant might be a bit disappointing as your hair growth will be slow. Our hair grows in alternating cycles; the hair transplant will interrupt your hair growth cycle and cause your hair to enter a dormant phase, also known as “shock loss”. During this phase, your hair will not grow normally, as it will be adapting to the new area and the growth cycle. 

During this dormant phase, your new hair follicles will not go lost due to “shock”, they will simply be adapting to your hair growth phase and reconnecting with the surrounding connective tissue and blood vessels. While this is occurring it is possible to experience transplanted hair loss in that area known as shedding. 

While your hair is adapting to the growth cycle and healing is occurring underneath the scalp, the hair can seem patchy in the recipient area. This is also normal and will recover as your healing advances. As soon as the healing is completed you should see your hairline filling in as desired. 

The hair in your donor area will seem unaffected by the hair transplant results after 1 month. Your hair growth in that area will remain normal and should be fully recovered in about a week. This area does not experience any “shock loss” as the hair follicles were simply removed with care and without causing damage to the surrounding hair follicles. 

The Physical Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month

Within your first month after the hair transplant, the physical changes you experience will be drastic. This is due to most of the essential healing taking place. 

Your hair transplant results after 1 month should have no more scabbing on your scalp. Usually, by the first month, the skin has mostly recovered from the hair transplantation. The hair follicles that have been transplanted will, however, start losing their hair. This is known as shedding as it is a fantastic sign, as it indicates that you are indeed recovering on schedule and that the hair transplant is thus far a success. 

Shedding will cease when your hair follicles have adapted to your hair growth cycle and proper recovery has taken place. It is important to maintain proper care to ensure that your hair transplant results after 2 months are also successful and on schedule. 

Precautions To Take

With all transplantations, there is a list of precautions to take to ensure that the procedure is successful and that there are as few as possible things that can influence your hair transplant results after 1 month. 

Until your hair follicle has not healed properly, there is a chance that it may become dislodged. To help ensure that it does not happen, we recommend avoiding:

  • Excessive exercise resulting in sweat
  • Swimming for the first few weeks, at least the first three weeks
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Excessive caffeine intake

Taking care of your hair and your hair follicles will help it heal faster and will improve your chances of a successful hair transplant. 

Aftercare For Optimal Results

After your hair transplant, your doctor will discuss the aftercare procedures with you to help ensure that your surgery is a success. Your post-op care will greatly influence your hair transplant results after 1 month.

You will be prescribed a list of medications to help you avoid infection or discomfort. This may include medications such as:

  • Antibiotics
  • Anti Inflammatory 
  • Painkillers

You will also be given specialised shampoos that will help your hair follicles recover and ensure that your scalp remains clean and uninfected. Ensure that you follow up with your doctor regularly to ensure that your recovery is going as planned and to avoid any unnecessary complications that can endanger your successful recovery.

Final Remarks On Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month

Taking care of your new hair transplant within the first month will greatly influence your success rate. It is always crucial to stay tuned with your medical team/doctor during this period in order to make sure everything goes as expected.

Hair Transplant Results After 1 Month


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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your hair transplant consists of hair, along with its follicle being transplanted into the new hair. The hair follicle will remain intact within your skin, while the hair will fall out. This is completely normal and indicates that your follicle is getting ready to produce new hairs.

Visible hair growth usually begins around the 6th month after your hair transplant procedure. Full hair growth, which will allow styling and changes, will occur around 12 months after the hair transplant procedure. This time frame may vary between individuals.

Ensure proper care of your scalp after the hair transplant. Use the approved products or those recommended to you. They ensure your hair follicles receive the nutrients needed for growth and repair as well as preventing infection.

It will take between 10 – 15 days after your hair transplant for your hair grafts to be secure in their new location. Taking proper care and precautions during this time is essential to increase your hair transplant success rate.

Last updated by Mercia on September 4, 2022. Content medically reviewed by D. Demirel, MD.

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