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Hair Transplant In Turkey

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Through the years Turkey has become THE destination for hair transplants. With unrivalled quality and fantastic prices, it is now the hair transplantation centre of the world with over 60% of hair transplants being performed in Turkey. Knowing that you will be well taken care of and have the most comfortable, high-quality experience is what we strive for.

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Why Turkey Is The Best Choice For Hair Transplants 

For some, travelling all the way to Turkey for hair transplantation surgery can feel like a waste, but you can rest assured knowing that hair transplant in Turkey is a cost-saving, hair transformation experience with the best surgeons at hand. That makes it well worth the trip. 

Hair transplant in Turkey offers hair transplant packages at substantial cost-saving prices and with experienced, expert surgeons. Due to the lower cost, more options are available to you and with the world-class surgeons, better options are available to you. There is a mind-blowing positive loop that starts to form when going for hair transplantation surgery in turkey. 

  • The lower cost means more time is spent with you and you’re ensured the best treatment.
  • When getting a hair transplant in Turkey, you’re ensured the use of better and more modern hair transplant methods and time is taken to ensure proper aftercare.
  • Good care is taken when getting a hair transplant in Turkey and with special aftercare, your hair is rejuvenated.
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The Affordability of Hair Transplants in Turkey

Along with the opportunity to get yourself the ultimate hair transplant in Turkey and have the hair that you have always dreamed of, you can also save yourself quite a bit of money. We have found that travelling to Turkey for your procedure, with many clinics offering all-inclusive packages, you can save up to 70% of your hair transplant cost when compared with the prices of getting it done locally. 

Most of the clinics in Turkey will offer you all-inclusive packages that ensure your comfortability and a high-end experience for as little as €2,000! We know it sounds too good to be true but it is not. Having amazing hair at an amazing price is a possibility and can be your reality soon!

The Different Methods Available For Hair Transplant In Turkey

Along with Turkey being one of the world’s leaders in hair transplantation surgeries, there is a wide array of hair transplant methods that is available to you. To ensure that the hair transplantation method you choose is the best-suited procedure for you and will allow you the ultimate level of satisfaction, you can also get in touch with a medical professional.

There are two main hair transplantation methods available to you. Each is unique and each has a different goal in mind. The different hair transplantation methods also have their own advantages and disadvantages. The different hair transplantation methods are: 

FUE | Follicular Unit Extraction

This method of hair transplant in Turkey is ideal for those suffering from balding on their crown. During this procedure, the hair follicles are removed one by one from the donor area and then moved to the desired area. This procedure has minimal scarring due to the method of hair transplantation and has a reduced recovery time as this method of hair transplantation is also much less invasive.

This transplantation method offers two different follicular extraction methods. There is the standard FUE method, which uses normal scalpels and blades and then there is the more modern, less invasive and overall better method known as the sapphire FUE method. 

The sapphire FUE method uses a Sapphire blade that offers better results to patients and allows for those patients with metal allergies to still experience a fantastic hair transplantation procedure. Due to its success rate, and the overall better experience with the sapphire FUE method, the standard FUE procedure is becoming more scarce but it is still an option available in Turkey!

DHI | Direct Hair Implantation

This hair transplant method in Turkey is ideal for those that are experiencing thinning hair. The hair is removed from the donor area, similar to the other methods of hair transplantation, but it is then implanted back into the desired location using an instrument known as a Choi Implanter. 

The hair follicle is implanted between your other hair, allowing for your hair to become thicker over time. This method of implantation does not damage your existing hair follicles in that area, nor does it damage your skin. 

FUE x DHI Combination Method

This method of hair transplantation is a unique hair transplantation method that IdealofMeD in Turkey offers. This method combines the FUE and DHI methods of hair transplantations during one procedure. Most hair transplantation clinics offer this method but as two different procedures and at different times making it a costly and long hair transplant experience. 

However, IdealofMeD is one of the few clinics that offer the combination method in one procedure where you will have up to an 8-person surgical team. With this combination method, you can have the ultimate hair transplantation result faster and that is why hair transplant in Turkey becomes more and more ideal to most. 

DHI Hair Transplantion Before and After Picture

Which Hair Transplant Procedure Is For Me? 

With so many different procedures available with the added benefit of them all being affordable, how do you know which one is for you? We would advise you to consult with a medical expert on the matter so that you may know what is the best option for you and whether or not you are a viable candidate for any of these procedures. 

In some cases, hair loss is due to an underlying medical condition that has not yet been treated or acknowledged. In those cases, your hair loss days will be over and it might not be necessary to go for any procedure.

Factors That Influence The Hair Transplant In Turkey Success Rate

There are a few factors that can influence the success rate of your hair transplant in Turkey. These factors include:

  • The Chosen Hair Transplantation Method: Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages attached to it and each individual is completely unique. The chosen hair transplantation method might not be suitable for you but a medical expert will be at hand to advise you on what is considered best for you. 
  • Your Type of Hair: Again, each individual is unique and their hair type and structure is unique. This will greatly determine the procedure chosen, the time taken during the procedure and the recovery rate. 
  • Your Doctor: In order to have a successful procedure, it is important to ensure you choose a quality clinic along with an experienced doctor. A qualified experienced doctor will be able to give you the best advice and ensure your hair transplant in Turkey is a success. 
  • Aftercare: Ensuring you practise the proper aftercare of your hair after your hair transplant in Turkey will greatly influence your success rate. Following the instructions of your doctor will ensure you get the best results possible! 

The Secret Benefit To A Hair Transplant In Turkey

When going for any procedure there are many factors to consider, but there is one factor that is exclusive to having your procedure done in Turkey and that factor is that Turkey is also a fantastic holiday destination. There is no need to waste your leave and your money to go on a holiday and to go for your dream hair procedure when you can do both at the same time. 

Turkey offers a wide range of locations that make it an ideal holiday destination for you and for your family. Turkey is a memorable location due to it having western and eastern influences across the country and with Istanbul, formally known as Constantinople, being one of the most historically important locations in modern history, Turkey is not to be missed. It is an all-around transformation experience when going for a hair transplant in Turkey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. You can save up to 70% compared to the procedure prices at home or locally.

Yes. Turkey is definitely one of the world leaders when it comes to hair transplants. With their excellent quality for much cheaper prices, it has become the go to for most.

The hair transplant in Turkey is of excellent quality and will last you a lifetime if you take proper care after the procedure and ensure you follow the guidance and advice of your doctor.

Last updated by Mercia-Mari on November 7, 2022. Content medically reviewed by D. Demirel, MD.

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