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The Art of Hair Restoration

Deciding on hair transplantation is a major decision in and of itself. Once it is made, the next step is finding the right hair restoration physician to perform the procedure. The ideal surgeon who performs hair transplantation must see the art of hair restoration. And it is an art form.

Prescribing Medication to Maximize Effectiveness

Along with the benefits of prescription drug therapy are potential side effects as well as the usefulness of the medication. Hair restoration physicians walk a thin line in prescribing medication to maximize effectiveness while minimizing potential side effects.

Be Patient with the Process

There is an old saying – “patience is a virtue.” When it comes to hair transplantation, nothing could be truer. This process is thought of as a long-term plan rather than a short-term solution. Skilled physicians have the experience and ability of knowing what will work best at a particular point in the hair restoration process. For instance, if a patient insists on hair transplantation but a physician knows it is too early in their hair loss, while the physician understands the haste towards hair transplantation, they know that going ahead with transplantation will not solve the issue since future hair loss will more than likely take place.

Retrieving and Placing Hair

The most important part of understanding hair transplantation is that it does not give patients new hair but rather moves hair from one place to another. This part of hair restoration is where artistry is more important than ever. Much of transplanting hair is about understanding how to almost duplicate the hairline in a similar manner prior to hair loss by judging the natural way the hair fits the scalp. An experienced hair restoration physician knows how to place the hair grafts to fit the head best so the hair will lie correctly as time passes, and he needs to know how to create an illusion of denser hair.

Art of Hair Restoration

Combines Art with Science

Just as with any facial cosmetic procedure, hair restoration combines art with science and medicine to create a natural-looking head of hair. It takes knowing how the facial structure plays into hair placement and hairline as well as understanding the composition of the skin, how to graft the hair at the right angle, and how to place it in the right way.

When choosing a physician skilled at hair restoration, it is imperative to make sure he has the artistry as much as the education. Those who have the ability to combine both are the ones who truly take the time to treat the hair loss and produce the results patients want.

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