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Hair Restoration Myths Debunked

You have heard of “old wives tales” that explain why things happen. Tons of them are related to hair, from brushing your hair a certain number of times makes it grow faster to wearing a hat makes you go bald.

Sadly enough, when it comes to hair, another old saying comes to light – “desperate times call for desperate measures.” The hard part is that no matter which ones you have heard, more than likely they are myths. Here are some of the more popular hair restoration myths debunked:

Wearing hats causes hair loss. Let’s start with one we already mentioned. This, more than likely, comes from the fact that men who have significant hair loss or are even bald wear hats a lot. More than likely, this is because they want to prevent their scalp from getting sunburned or because they are very self-conscious. Wearing hats does not cause hair loss, so breathe easy when wearing your favorite ball cap whenever you want.

Men with male pattern hair loss lose their hair in huge clumps. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, men with male pattern baldness lose hair gradually starting with receding hairlines, and, for most, the initial hair loss is replaced by finer, thinner hair. If you lose hair in large clumps, call your doctor immediately – it may be a more serious health issue.

People lose their hair because they shampoo it every day. The only thing shampooing every day does is give you very clean hair or possibly strip the hair shaft of essential oils, but it has no effect on the hair follicle.

If you shave your head, it will come back thicker. Once hair starts its regrowth, it looks thicker because the hair shaft is thicker at the base. So, yes, it may look thicker – after all, you shaved your head bald! But ultimately, shaving your head does not actually make your hair thicker.

Baldness comes from the mother’s side of the family. Male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) does tend to be hereditary; however, it can come from either side of the family.

Hair loss affects only men. So not true – in fact, hair loss affects about 21 million women in the U.S.

Blow drying hair causes hair loss. Blow drying hair along with using curling irons, flat irons, and other hair care utensils may dry out the hair shaft, causing it to break, but styling your hair does not affect the hair follicle which is the part responsible for hair loss.

Hair Restoration Myths Debunked

Hair loss occurs from damage to and issues of the hair follicles. Whether it is genetic, as a result of taking certain medications or any other cause, these myths are absolutely untrue. So please do not spend money and time on creams and solutions or alter what you do in the hope of saving yourself from baldness. Instead, see a physician who specializes in hair loss to evaluate your scalp and hair issues. If hair restoration is something you want, he can recommend the best course of action.

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