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About IdealofMeD

The Number 1 Hair Transplant Destination in Turkey

At IdealofMeD we prefer a holistic approach. We recognise that support is a necessity and consider the person as a whole, not just their physical health needs. Their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness should be taken into account by the assistance.

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Why IdealofMed Launched

There is so much more to becoming and living your best version of yourself than a hair transplant or treatment. It is a method and way of living, both emotionally and physically.

IdealofMeD lives up to its name by always striving to assist you in restoring the ideal version of yourself. Not just with medicine, but also with holistic methods and a healthy way of life. IdealofMeD. is unlike any other clinic because they want you to be the best version of yourself in every aspect.

There is a certain, unfortunate stigma attached to hair transplants. It is our view that this is due to misinformation surrounding the process. Some of these assumptions include;

  • Hair transplants only work on younger men [false!]
  • Everyone can tell when you have had a hair transplant [false!]
  • The transplanted hair needs expensive, specialised treatment [false!]
  • You will receive someone else’s hair [false!]
  • It will only last a few years [false!]

One glaring factual error is that only men get hair transplants. Statistics show that in 2019 15.8% of hair transplant patients were women, a number that increases year on year. Such information has led many women to believe that there is no viable solution and they simply accept their hair loss. 

When hair transplants were first introduced, the techniques used were primitive and the methods needed for a successful hair transplant had not yet been developed. Thankfully, these days are long gone and the success rate for hair transplants is over 90%. At IdealofMeD, our success rate is over 95%!

The Stigma Surrounding Hair Loss

People frequently notice hair loss as they become older. Men and women who lose their hair typically have little influence over the situation. It’s terrible that they’re being ridiculed for doing something that a lot of others would do, too, if they were in their shoes. We are really fortunate to live in a period with such cutting-edge technology and skilled specialists who can perform an outpatient operation to improve our self-esteem.

Part of the reason why hair transplants still have a stigma is that the procedures weren’t always as sophisticated and effective as they are now. Some individuals may picture conspicuous, unsightly hair plugs when they hear about hair transplants, yet modern hair transplants blend in seamlessly with the surrounding hair. What’s wrong with rebuilding what you’ve lost if it makes you feel more self-assured? With an estimated 500,000 a year of hair transplants done in Turkey alone, the chances are that you know someone who has had the procedure and you just can’t tell!

This site was created to help rectify these mistruths and educate people about the options that are available. We want to take you through your experience by providing you with the facts and truth behind hair transplantation.

IdealofMeD Hair Loss Team

How IdealofMed Started

The medical group behind IdealofMeD started their adventure more than 35 years ago with a focus on procedures to enhance people’s quality of life. These operations comprise difficult, general anaesthesia-assisted life-saving techniques.

Our medical approach has developed over time to include aesthetic surgery, dental work, physical exams, and bio-hacks to restore people’s health and confidence.

Early on, IdealofMeD realised that people’s health demands went well beyond undergoing surgery. Operations can frequently be avoided. We came to the conclusion that the best way to assist people is to adopt a comprehensive strategy that considers underlying issues, health, and lifestyle.

Today we have been able to offer thousands of people treatment and hair transplants at our clinic, which has an A-license and is regulated by the Turkish government. One of the benefits of this licence, apart from the obvious high level of care our clients receive, is that it allows us to offer our clients VIP transfers throughout their stay in Turkey.

What Makes IdeaofMed Special?

There are a few things that make us stand out from the rest. First, our highly qualified specialists and employees. All of our staff are highly trained in their field. Our surgeons keep up to date with the latest techniques and technology to ensure that they can offer the best possible treatments to our clients. 

All of our hair transplant equipment is state-of-the-art, right down to the lasers used to measure hair density. The facility is client-focused, designed and equipped with ergonomic beds, televisions to entertain you during the procedure and lots of small touches to make sure that your visit with us is as stress-free and relaxing as possible.

Our aim is not only to provide you with the results that you deserve but also to leave Turkey having enjoyed the experience. 

Treatments on Offer at IdealofMeD

Our most popular treatment is hair transplants. For this, we use the two most successful methods – FUE Sapphire and DHI. We are also very proud of the combination method, which uses both of these methods and offers the best results. We also make use of the Ice FUE method which infuses hair follicles with additional nutrients and preserves the hair follicles more effectively before they are transplanted into the recipient area.

A popular package is the Executive Hair Transplant Package. This gives us the opportunity to treat you like the VIP you are. Your stay in Istanbul is extended to 10 days. A specialised nurse will wash your hair every day and you have access to the hyperbaric chamber, which greatly speeds up your recovery. You will also receive hair vitamins and expert attention.

Our services extend beyond just hair transplants. We also offer beard transplants, as well as hair transplant packages specifically designed with women in mind. In addition, we have a range of professional hair restoration products. These are included in our packages, both pre and post-surgery as well as being able to purchase them online.

We also offer a range of dental treatments, including; 

  • Veneers
  • Dental Implants
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Hollywood Smile
  • Dental Crowns

IdealofMeD provides medical care, anti-ageing regimens, and even oxygen-infused HVOC therapies. It’s a one-stop shop clinic that offers straightforward guidance, holistic methods, and tips on healthy living to help individuals achieve their ideal selves. Their help doesn’t end with the medical procedure. They want you to go through the whole process so you can live a perfect life both emotionally and physically.

What Clients Think About Us

It is easy for us to talk about how great our services are, but as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

We have a rating of 4.9 on Trustpilot from almost 300 reviews! This is based on independent and verified reviews by clients who have used our services. We will give our valued consumers the chance to upsell instead of doing it ourselves.

Some of the highlights of these reviews include:

  • Our professional, supportive and friendly staff.
  • The helpfulness of the translators.
  • Pre-op consultations.
  • Follow-up and aftercare.
  • The VIP transport arrangements.
  • Overall positive experience.

Benefits of Using IdealofMeD

We are very proud of our accomplishments here at IdealofMeD, with the most satisfaction coming from the fact that we are able to help people by doing more than just offering surgery. We consider ourselves a “one-stop shop” when you are dealing with hair loss or are considering altering your hairline. 

Some of the advantages you will find at IdealofMed are;

  • Support: From the first moment you contact us, we become part of your hair restoration journey.
  • Professionalism: Our staff are not only top of their field, but highly professional. All of the outside services we employ, including hotels, transportation, and interpreters, are of the highest calibre.
  • Cost Effective: You get to travel to the stunning country of Turkey while paying less for first-rate shelf service. We have packages to suit every individual’s needs that include everything you will need during your stay in Turkey. All you will have to do is book your flights.
  • Advanced treatments: We use the latest, tied and tested equipment and methods to ensure the success of your hair restoration.
  • Aftercare: When we say that we are with you on this journey, we mean it. Our experts will keep in regular contact with you even after you have left. IdealofMeD specialists will contact you via video calls to check up on your progress and offer any support you may need.


After hearing stories about hair transplants in foreign countries that have failed or had horrific outcomes, you may be understandably apprehensive. The chances are that the majority of these procedures were carried out at less than desirable facilities with sub-par equipment and inexperienced doctors.

At IdealofMeD, a patient’s needs come first. We will not advise a hair transplant if there are alternatives available or if you are not a suitable candidate. Our clinic offers everything from step-by-step guidance to comprehensive consultations to an all-inclusive luxury package, so patients can feel confident in our hands.

It’s understandable that it might be inconvenient for you to travel to Turkey for hair transplants, but their location allows IdealofMeD to offer you 3 unparalleled hair transplant packages at substantial savings. In fact, doing our patented Ideal Combination FUE/DHI Surgery with a 6-person surgical team anyplace else would be impossible.

The outcomes of a flawless hair transplant treatment at IdealofMeD resemble the patient’s original natural hair in every way. In this procedure, an individual’s natural hair follicles are removed and treated. As a result, they have the same appearance after being removed and implanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

IdealofMeD combines both the FUE and DHI procedures in one single operation. This is excellent for people who are having problems with both hair loss and hair thinning. Only IdealofMeD offers a combination of the two operations, which saves patients from having to undergo two separate procedures.

For a successful hair transplant, your surgeon may recommend you massage the recipient area as recommended by him to encourage circulation, commit to a healthier diet and lifestyle, and avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Last but not least, subscribe to a regular and appropriate hair transplant aftercare routine that includes hair transplant-friendly items intended to promote hair development. Obtain a copy of our IdealofMeD Hair Loss FIX to guarantee that your hair grows as much as possible after your hair transplant process. It is free to download.

It is extremely rare for hair transplant surgery complications to occur, despite the fact that all surgeries come with some risks.

Last updated by Jo on September 9, 2022. Content medically reviewed by D. Demirel, MD.

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