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9 Tips For Healthy Hair From A Hair Transplant Surgeon

If you notice that your hair has the brittle texture of hay or that the ends are starting to sprout many splits as a result of years of constant blowouts, then there is no getting around the fact that you have damaged hair and need some TLC.

We’ve all experienced dull locks at some point or another, so we’ve enlisted the aid of renowned medical experts to assist us to discover the secrets of abundant, healthy hair. And what’s better than a hair transplant surgeon who knows everything there possibly is to know about hair? Let’s dive right into the tips for healthy hair!

Tip #1: Hair Masks Are Your Friend

Tips for healthy hair

This may be one of the tips for healthy hair that many of us already know, but don’t seem to take it seriously at all. Hair masks have many wonders in keeping your hair healthy by aiding in nourishing and moisturising your hair. They’re especially helpful for frizzy, dry, or damaged hair. Some hair masks may even strengthen your hair and enhance the condition of your scalp.

While there are plenty of hair masks for you to choose from, each with its own advantages, you should try to avoid any hair masks that contain sulphate. This is especially true if you have damaged or colour-treated hair. One of the most popular hair masks bought is the Olaplex No. 3.

If you’d like to try making your own hair masks, then there are plenty of home remedies and tips for healthy hair that you can try out. Some of the masks you can make at home are:

  • Egg Mask: As strange as this sounds, an egg has many beneficial factors and one of them is to restore damaged hair. All you have to do is combine three egg yolks with three tablespoons of olive oil, and a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Once combined, add the mixture to your hair strands. After 20 minutes, shampoo with warm water to remove the mixture from your hair.
  • Avocado & Banana Mask: If you’re looking for a natural remedy for hair growth, especially after a hair transplant, then this vitamin E-rich mask will assist with that. Simply combine one medium-sized ripe avocado and ripe banana in a bowl. To this paste, mix in one tablespoon each of wheat germ oil and olive oil. Cover your roots and tips of your hair with this mixture by gently massaging it in. Rinse with cold water and shampoo after 30 minutes.

Depending on the severity of your damaged hair, it is advised to use a hair mask at least once a week to get healthy hair.

Tip #2: Ensure Your Don’t Have Medical Imbalances

Tips for Healthy Hair | Hair Loss

Hair loss and breakage are frequently brought on by dietary inadequacies, poor health, and medical imbalance (such as thyroid issues or iron deficiencies). Your blood provides nutrition to your hair follicles. Therefore, when it comes to tips for healthy hair, there needs to be a general increase in your diet and health. Your best option would be to see your medical doctor and advise on what the next steps should be for yourself.

Tip #3: Eat A Balance Diet

Tips for Healthy Hair | Balanced Diet

Eating highly nutritious meals is one of the best things you can do for your hair. By doing this, you may prevent greying, keep your hair thick, promote hair growth, and make it shine.

The production of keratin is aided by eating a balanced diet that includes enough protein and healthy fats. Some of the foods that aid in this include eggs, nuts, seeds, salmon, and coconut oil.

In addition to adding salmon and green leafy vegetables to your diet to supplement it, dermatologists stress the need of drinking enough water to help you retain a full head of hair and avoid hair loss.

A balanced diet is a crucial supplement to hair maintenance. Your hair will ultimately be impacted by what you consume. For healthy hair, eat a lot of colourful foods like salmon and deep leafy greens, as well as meals high in antioxidants like different berries.

Tip #4: Ensure Vitamin Intake

Tips for Healthy Hair | Vitamins

There are various vitamins we need in our body that aid with making our hair as healthy and shiny as possible. The fourth of our tips for healthy hair includes getting a daily intake of the right vitamins.

  • Vitamin B: Multiple medical authorities advise using a biotin pill to maintain strong, long and healthy hair. Additionally, incorporate B vitamins in your diet, such as B1, B2, B5, and B6. The best sources of this vitamin include dairy products, lean meats, and leafy greens.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is necessary to keep hair in good condition. This fat-soluble vitamin not only promotes hair growth but also protects against numerous malignancies and promotes rapid weight loss!
  • Vitamin A: Making sure you get enough vitamin A is one of our tips for healthy hair because it promotes healthy hair development. Women should not take more than 700 mcg of this vitamin daily, and males should not take more than 900 mcg, as it is fat-soluble and therefore stored in the liver. You should stay under these limits in order to avoid toxicity.
  • Vitamin C: While vitamin C does not, in itself, stimulate the growth of hair, it does aid in the absorption of other minerals like iron. Pick up an orange, a delightful citrus fruit, for breakfast or a snack at lunch!

Tip #5: Avoid the Heat

Tips for Healthy Hair | Straightening Hair

We all know the joys of getting ready for a night out, especially when it comes to whipping out the curling iron or straightener for our hair. However, you will need to learn to try using these heat-inducing a lot less. To lessen stress on your follicles, it is advisable to allow your hair to be natural at least a few times every week. If your follicles are repeatedly attacked by heat/tension/chemicals, it can induce permanent hair loss in the form of tractional or ‘hot-comb’ alopecia.

Tip #6: Brush Your Hair Twice a Day

Tips for Healthy Hair | Brushing Hair

Conversely, brushing your hair when it’s dry actually strengthens it. In order to promote hair growth, combing your strands twice a day is one of our tips for healthy hair. Just ensure to refrain from brushing hair that is wet as this is when your hair is more fragile and can break easily.

Tip # 7: Give Fenugreek Seeds a Try

Fenugreek seeds for healthy hair

Now, fenugreek may be a new word to you, but if you find yourself eating Indian cuisine chances are high that you’ve eaten it before. A meal with garam masala often contains fenugreek seeds and has a delicate sweet nutty flavour to them. The reasons hair transplant surgeons mention this as one of the tips for healthy hair is because it promotes new hair development.

Tip #8: Check in With Your Doctor About Possible Deficiencies

IdealofMeD Hair Loss Team

One of the most common deficiencies individuals are faced with that cause hair loss is an iron deficiency. Anaemia, or iron shortage, can damage your hair and make you frequently feel cold and exhausted. If you suspect you may have an iron deficiency, you should consult with a medical professional to see what steps you can take further to help.

One of the best things you can do if you have this deficiency is to consume plenty of leafy green spinach. This is just one of the food tips for healthy hair. There are other foods high in iron that you should consider eating, including liver, seafood, beans, and quinoa.

Tip #9: Stock Up On Omega-3s

tips for healthy hair - omega-3s in Salmon

Omega-3s decrease inflammation, which is great seeing as inflammation is one of the frequent causes of hair loss. Eat lots of salmon to get more omega-3s! While there are supplements you can take for this, you may also try organic foods like navy beans, flaxseed oil, and chia seeds if you’d rather get your omega-3s naturally.

Concluding These Tips For Healthy Hair

Most of these tips for healthy hair will have you showing off your natural hair in no time! Enjoy the silky soft and healthy hair you deserve to have. If, however, you find yourself battling tremendously with your hair falling out, and no hope in keeping it as healthy as you’d like then you could always consider getting a hair transplant that will leave you with natural-looking healthy hair!

Other Ways To Promote Healthy Hair

If you find that these tips for healthy hair just aren’t proving to be effective for you, then there are numerous other ways for you to ensure your hair stays healthy! You can try certain exercises, hair products or even foods to aid in assisting you to stop losing hair and get healthy hair back. Try reading one of these articles below for my info:

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